Standard screw caps


GALEB Metal Pack screw caps are used for closing glass bottles filled with mineral and natural water, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical contents. They are packed in polyethylene bags and five-layer cardboard boxes which prevent contamination of caps.


Screw caps possess a Health and Safety certificate. These products are delivered with liners made of expanded polyethylene or with dosage safety valves. Galeb Metal Pack assortment also includes screw caps with dimensions of 28 mm x 15,3 mm with a PVC-free liner. Depending on whether the glass bottles are returnable or not, these caps can be vertically or horizontally cut.

Standardni navojni zatvarači

TECHNICAL DATA – ROPP 28 x 15,3mm (d x h):

  • ø 28 x 15,3mm with vertical or horizontal cutting and PVC-free liner


  • ø 20 x 15mm
  • ø 28 x 18mm
  • ø 28 x 22mm
  • ø 31,5 x 18mm
  • ø 31,5 x 24mm
Standardni navojni zatvarači 3

Long screw caps


Aluminum long screw caps are used for closing glass bottles which are filled with alcoholic drinks, wines and other content for food industry . In addition to the standard offset and overside dry offset print, for decoration and  best look, these caps are used tehniques like hot foil and embossing. In that case, we have provided all manufacturers of wine, vodka, liquer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to present the brand in a unique way.

STEL-CAP zatvarači
  • ø 28 x 38 mm
  • ø 28 x 44 mm
  • ø 30 x 35 mm
  • ø 30 x 45 mm
  • ø 30 x 60 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 40,5 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 44 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 50 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 55 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 57 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 59 mm
  • ø 31,5 x 60 m
STEL-CAP zatvarači 3

Wine caps

Following global trends in modern wine industry we have developed a special program designed for packaging and storing of high-quality wines. We offer to our business partners different types of multi-layered liners (Saranex, Sarantin, EVOH) for wine caps which can be modified according to special requirements.


Saranex - It is suitable for storing and preserving wine up to 4years. Available diameters:

  • ø28mm 
  • ø30 mm 
  • ø31,5 mm


Sarantin - It is suitable for storing and preserving wine up to 10 years. Available diameters:

  • ø28mm
  • ø30mm
Vinski zatvarači 1

Dimension for wine caps with Sarantin(d x h):

  • ø 28 x 38 mm 
  • ø 28 x 44 mm 
  • ø 30 x 60 mm 
  • ø 31,5 x 60 mm

Dimension for wine caps with Saranex(d x h):

  • ø 28 x 38 mm
  • ø 28 x 44 mm 
  • ø 30 x 60 mm 
  • ø 31,5 x 60 mm
Vinski zatvarači 3