Galeb Metal Pack provides its clients with technical support that is unique in our field of work. With 100 years of work and experience in packaging industry, we guarantee our clients top-notch support at all times, all over Europe.


Our main goal is to build partnership relations with our clients, based not only on high-quality products, but also on maintaining the high-quality level ofservices in each phase of product life cycle and providing good consulting services. Through regular visits to our clients, we build excellent relationships.


We have a vast experience in all technical processes and systems used in the packaging industry. Our engineers are highly specialized in providing technical support to clients regarding filling and packaging processes of spirits, carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages, wines, beers, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry products.

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Within Galeb Metal Pack there is an Engineering and Development Department, specialized in design, implementation, project management, “turnkey“ project execution, servicing and pro-viding consulting services. In cooperation with other members of Galeb companies, we offer a
wide range of services, such as:

• Design and production of machines and tools

• Project management in implementation and improvement of process equipment

• Complete reparation and installation services of the process equipment as a system integrator, in accordance with “turnkey” system practices

• Installation and disassembling processes of all types of equipment and its transport

• Monitoring production processes with proposals for improvements in terms of process reorganization

• Production process automatization

Our company provides its clients with logistical support in improving supply chain performances.


We offer assistance in improving production process, selection, relocation and installation of equipment, commissioning of new equipment.


Contact us for advice if you have doubts about your existing products, the choise of packaging solution or when developing new product. We are confident that we offer you the right solution.

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